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Early pregnancy scan

Early Pregnancy Assessment (7-11 weeks)
Cost: £140

An early pregnancy scan (also called a viability scan) will confirm your pregnancy,  establish if the pregnancy is in the correct location, how many babies you are expecting, and can be used to provide you with an estimated due date.


Why have this scan?

How is the scan performed?

Early pregnancy scans are usually performed at 7-11 weeks of pregnancy, and in most cases can be done trans-abdominally by placing a probe on the tummy.  In those cases where views cannot be obtained abdominally, a transvaginal scan can be performed which involves inserting a probe into the vagina. There is no risk to you or the pregnancy from this method of scanning.


How to prepare for your scan   

We would ask you to arrive with a moderately full bladder, which will improve the visibility of the pregnancy with a transabdominal scan. However, on occasion the baby may be in a particularly difficult position to scan and we may ask that you walk about for 15 minutes, or to fill or empty your bladder as this can help us to obtain the very best views. We will ask you to empty your bladder if you are to have a vaginal scan. 


General information

A report of the scan findings will be given to you for your records at the time of the appointment, with copies for your GP and community midwife.


We are very happy to give photographs at the time of the scan; there is no charge for this but the quality of the picture may depend on the baby taking up a photogenic position!


After the scan, we will give you a follow up form. We should be very grateful, as part of our audit and quality control, if you would return this after your pregnancy.


No referral needed

cambridge fetal care

cambridge fetal care

"I had all of my scans done through Cambridge Fetal Care. From the early reassurance of my 8 week scan through to the 20 week scan, the professional service was second to none. In addition, the convenience of evening scans arranged at a suitable time for us was exactly what we needed as we both work full-time. Unreservedly and highly recommended."


Liz and Jason Smith