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Amniocentesis (15+ weeks) including Rapid FISH Result & Full Karyotype
Cost: £460

An amniocentesis involves taking a small sample of amniotic fluid to determine the baby’s chromosomes. It is requested when there is heightened concern about Down’s syndrome or other chromosomal conditions either following a nuchal scan, a Harmony test, a previous affected baby, or simply for maternal reassurance.

The procedure is always carried out under the continuous guidance of an ultrasound scan to ensure that the fine needle is kept well away from the fetus.


This test carries a small, but important, risk of miscarriage (1%).


How is the test performed?

After discussion with our experienced fetal medicine consultant a scan is performed trans-abdominally by placing a probe on the abdomen and your tummy is cleansed with antiseptic. No local anaesthetic is given as the needle used is so fine it is narrower than the needle we would need to use to administer the local anaesthetic. After cleansing is complete the fine needle is inserted through your skin into the amniotic fluid around the fetus, avoiding the fetus  and a small sample of fluid containing fetal cells is taken.


The procedure does not take long and women describe the sensation as mild discomfort rather than painful.


What does this package include?.

How to prepare for your test

No preparation is required prior to this test. However we recommend that somebody accompanies you to your appointment.


General information 

One of the main risks of amniocentesis is miscarriage. This is estimated to occur in around 1% of pregnancies nationally after an amniocentesis. 


 An amniocentesis is uncomfortable rather than painful and you may feel slight cramping for a day or two afterwards. Some women describe feeling a pain similar to period pain, or feeling pressure when the needle is taken out.


 Signs to look out for and who to call should you have any concerns after the test will be discussed with you during your consultation.


Occasionally it is necessary to perform a second test as the sample taken at the first doesn't culture in the lab. It is not always known why this happens and we cannot predict cases where this will happen.


No referral needed

cambridge fetal care

cambridge fetal care

"I was feeling very anxious because I had a miscarriage previously so I really wanted my husband to be there at the scan with me. There was no way he would have been able to take time off in the day so being seen in the evening was perfect for us. The service we received was excellent. We had a lot of questions and Mr Hackett took his time to answer all of them and explain what we needed to know. We would definitely come back to CFC if we have another baby."


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